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Jack & the Beanstalk

Once again we got into the pantomime spirit and provided a full Lighting and Projection design service to the World Famous City Varieties in Leeds. The show this time was Jack & the Beanstalk another Rock & Roll Panto from Peter Rowe and Directed by Vik Sivalingam. This year called for a few extra locations which were not possible to create with traditional set because of the small performance area. Instead Jason Salvin designed and produced these locations with digital projection which lent itself to magical transformations between scenes. Special attention was paid to lighting these scenes which took place down stage of a flown gauze so as not to wash out the projected image whilst ensuring enough light was on the actors. One scene called for various items flying past Jack as he climbed the beanstalk, these included again specially designed images such as a Tardis and Hot Air Balloon.

As well as a range of conventional fixtures, LED and Highlite’s Phantom 50 LED Movers, small but very effective, were also used to create all the necessary rock and roll panto lighting required.

Posted on: 08 February 2014