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Fiddler Effects from PLS

Last week saw Jason Salvin from Production Light & Sound returning to his theatrical roots and designing the lighting and visual effects for Bradford Catholic Players production of Fiddler on the Roof. The dark story line was reflected in the lighting and projected effects giving the stage set a cold, bleak and eerie backdrop as Tevye tries to hold onto the traditions true to Jewish life.

The general stage lighting was mostly made up of 1k Fresnels and ETC Source 4 profiles with break up gobos to create an uneven light across the actors. During numbers and to create slightly warmer images Production Light & Sound provided six Robe Robin 600 spots to add pastel coloured break ups across the various locations set in Anatevka including fire effects and rapidly spinning gobos for the ghost scene. The quiet smooth running of these fixtures and the fantastic light output was the key factor when choosing a moving light for this project, working just as well at low levels as they do with the dimmer wide open.

In addition Jason used a Green Hippo Media Server to produce a range of projected images, moving clouds were present in each scene changing colour to further add to the cold atmosphere and depth on stage. Also a very effective fire effect was projected across the whole set with flames licking up the portals and headers with added moving lights and smoke. Further use of the Hippo Critter was to create a time line of original photos projected onto a flown piece of set showing the extent the Russian soldiers went to during this difficult time in history.

The production received rave reviews and has really made an impression with all those who saw it.

Posted on: 21 November 2011