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Summer Summary

Well it's been a busy start to the summer at PLS HQ with two theatre lighting designs provided, one of which is traveling over to Wales for a week long outdoor performance. We've been working on festivals this year too including sound for four dance arenas and a live stage for the Made in Leeds festival, a full lighting package for the Barbican Music Stage in Walthamstow, mobile stage, sound, lights and power for two small festivals in Leeds and Wakefield plus a whole host of outdoor events in large gardens and lovely TiPi's.

Of course this summer saw Le Tour come to Yorkshire and although we didn't provide any technical support in terms of crew and wet hires a lot of our equipment was sent out on dry hires to facilitate the demands of this amazing bike race, plasma screens and theatre flats seemingly been the popular items for the media centre.

We also provided technical support to Red Ladder Theatre Companies new production which opened in Durham at the Miners Hall. Because this was never intended as a theatre space we built a sub stage to accommodate the production's revolve and a proscenium arch. We also supplied power distro and a generator for the duration of the run as well as additional LED lighting equipment to meet with the designers specification.

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Posted on: 12 August 2014