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Qdos Creates

A new physical theatre production is currently touring the UK produced by Qdos Creates as a collaboration with all the artists involved, one of which is our own Jason Salvin. Over the years Jason has designed a number of sets for Qdos and this production included lighting and visuals as well as the complete control system to allow the ideas of the team to be realised on the road.

The whole set has to be constructed quickly by four people so speed was the key factor whilst not limiting the production. The piece is set in the round too so four TFT Monitors were added to the set to allow graphics to be seen from all sides. The lighting is simple but effective and because it’s been controlled along with the music and visuals using Show Magic it can provide quick and accurate changes to reflect the music and sound effects.

“I've used Show Magic on a lot of Dance Theatre Pieces because it allows very complex states and chases without an operator having to learn the show and replicate my design. I believe the audience should see the same show in whatever venue they go to and because the whole production design comes from my drawing board lighting can be built into the set along with screens etc maintaining the original concepts whilst on the raod.” Jason Salvin – Production Design.

Posted on: 16 January 2013