Empowering Live and Recorded Events with Clean, Sustainable Energy
Green Voltage


Learn about our exciting collaboration that introduces a new era of event power solutions.

Production Light & Sound’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint and embracing eco-friendly practices has led us to an exciting collaboration that introduces a new era of event power solutions.  

We’ve teamed up with Green Voltage, a leading provider of portable battery power systems with solar panels for events, to bring VOLTstack® 5k 230V Units to our clients.  

Whether it’s a live concert, a film shoot, a TV production set or a corporate gathering, these powerful units redefine how power is harnessed to create memorable moments.  

The possibilities with VOLTstack® units are diverse:  

  • The VOLTstack® units provide clean, silent power without the need for lengthy cable runs. This means you can shoot in remote or challenging locations without worrying about cable logistics and limitations.  
  • During film and TV shoots that involve dialogue-heavy scenes, noisy generators can be a major hindrance. With their silent operation, the VOLTstack® units maintain a quiet set, allowing for clear audio recording without the interference of generator noise.  
  • With a powerful rated output of 4.8kW and the capability to handle surges of up to 7kW, these units ensure that your creative endeavours receive the power they deserve.  
  • Thanks to the impressive rapid charge times and flexible design of the VOLTstack® units offer up to 10 hours of uninterrupted power, guaranteeing a smooth and eco-conscious experience.  
  • The flexible design offers charging whilst idle or in use via portable solar panels or rapid charge on electric hook up, guaranteeing a smooth experience whatever the event or weather.

Pioneering minds

The VOLTstack® units are the result of the ingenuity of Portable Electric, a Vancouver-based company with a track record of developing advanced power solutions.  

Then, the visionary minds behind Green Voltage, David Sinfield and Adam Baker, recognised the potential of these units in the UK and European markets.  

This resulted in the adaptation and conversion of VOLTstack® generators for hire in these regions catering specifically to film and TV production needs, such as BBC’s Autumnwatch, which Green Voltage supported for two years running.  

Delivering sustainable creativity

We’ve made great use of our VOLTstack generators so far, including:

  • The unveiling of ‘Balancing Act’, a site specific piece by Poet Laureate Simon Armitage at Brimham Rocks. The National Trust manage this Site of Special Scientific Interest where our silent, battery generator was the only acceptable method of powering the event.
  • Helping to light up a Sue Ryder Starlight Hike. This popular charity walk raises money for Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice. The walk in Otley saw participants follow a 10km route through the town. We also lit up Prince Henry’s Grammar school, projecting the Sue Ryder logo onto the building, we then supplied LED lights throughout the park to illuminate the route and added colour to dark paths, as well as hanging LED Festoon lamps on the main Bridge.
  • Providing one of our Green Voltage generators for clean and silent powering of the equipment for the launch of public sculpture, Hibiscus Rising during LEEDS 2023.
  • Helping to power Light Night Leeds in October, a multi-arts and light festival that transformed some of Leeds’s most recognisable indoor and outdoor spaces into spectacular artworks.

Securing VOLTstack® 5k 230V units from Green Voltage is a significant step in our journey toward sustainable event production. We are excited to bring these groundbreaking power solutions to your events, ensuring a brighter, greener and quieter future for the industry.

By utilising solar power, we amplify our commitment to carbon reduction and contribute to a cleaner energy landscape. When coupled with renewable energy sources, the carbon savings are tripled, reaffirming our dedication to a greener future.

We’re taking bookings for 2024 so do get in touch to discuss any events – indoor or out, summer or winter.

Contact us today to explore how these units can enhance your live events or film and tv productions, reduce your carbon footprint, and embody the principles of sustainability.