Shining a Sustainable Spotlight: Joining Forces with SAIL


At Production Light & Sound, we understand the urgency of addressing our environmental impact and are thrilled to share our commitment to sustainability.

This week, the UK embraces Great Big Green Week, the largest celebration of community action against climate change and in support of nature conservation. At Production Light & Sound, we understand the urgency of addressing our environmental impact and are thrilled to share our commitment to sustainability as well as our recent partnership with Sustainable Arts in Leeds (SAIL).

The planet’s call to action

The fragile state of our planet demands that individuals, businesses, and governments reflect upon their impact and take action towards creating a better future.

While the events industry may not be synonymous with big oil or international airlines, we acknowledge that our practices are not inherently sustainable. We also recognise the areas where we contribute to environmental harm.

Environmental impact

Transportation and fuel pollution, high power demands, obsolescence, carbon-intensive materials, and excessive tape usage are some of the ways our industry negatively impacts the environment.

Freight and heavy diesel vehicles are often used to transport heavy staging and equipment across the country, resulting in pollution.

Although LED lighting is becoming more prevalent, the growing demand for larger stages, improved sound systems, and enhanced projection capabilities still drives power consumption.


Rapid innovation leads to shorter product lifespans, creating more waste. Moreover, much of our equipment is made from high carbon materials, manufactured in distant factories, packaged in non-recyclable materials – yet more plastic and polystyrene – and transported globally across huge distances.

Then, of course, there’s tape! Ah, the ubiquitous gaffer tape, parcel tape, PVC tape, fluorescent tape – you name it, we’ve got it! We use thousands of miles of tape in our industry. It’s our go-to solution for coiling cables, temporarily fixing things, marking spaces, spots, spikes, hazards, and even fastening boxes.

But let’s take a moment to ponder: Can we make an immediate difference here? Absolutely!

We’re eager to explore alternatives that go beyond the sticky mess. Velcro fastenings could be a game-changer, offering reusable and hassle-free cable management solutions.

Or what about washable chalk markers? Instead of marking spots and hazards with disposable tape, we could embrace these markers to create temporary markings that can be easily washed away.

Joining forces with SAIL

To help us on our journey, Production Light & Sound recently became a member of Sustainable Arts in Leeds (SAIL). SAIL originated in early 2018 when cultural and creative organisations in Leeds convened to address the climate crisis.

Inspired by the Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST), SAIL seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of the arts and cultural sector while engaging audiences in climate change conversations.

Our journey towards sustainability

Aligned with the mission of SAIL and inspired by the objectives of Great Big Green Week, we at Production Light & Sound are committed to making a difference.

Here is our initial plan of action:

  • Assessing our carbon footprint

To understand where we stand, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of our organisational carbon footprint. This assessment will provide essential insights and serve as a starting point for our sustainability initiatives.

  • Carbon literacy training

Knowledge is power. We recognise the importance of equipping our team with carbon literacy training to empower them to make informed decisions and embrace sustainable practices. This training will enhance their ability to drive change within our company and the broader industry.

  • Implementing short-term solutions

Immediate changes can have a profound impact. In the short term, we will implement cost-effective and practical sustainability measures. This may include adopting energy-efficient equipment, implementing waste reduction strategies, and embracing responsible sourcing practices.

  • Planning for long-term change

While short-term solutions are vital, we are dedicated to thinking long-term. We will explore innovative technologies, sustainable design practices, and circular economy models to drive lasting change within our industry. By embracing forward-thinking approaches, we aim to reshape the events landscape in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Moving forward

As Great Big Green Week calls for community action to tackle climate change and protect nature, Production Light & Sound stands proudly alongside SAIL, determined to lead the charge towards a sustainable events industry.

By addressing our carbon footprint, promoting carbon literacy, and implementing practical changes, we strive to create a greener and more eco-conscious future. Together, let us illuminate the path towards a brighter and more sustainable world.